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Keri’s expertise in design has been crafted through an array of high-end residential, new construction and renovation projects, as well as commercial and multifamily undertakings. With each project, Keri works closely with her client to develop a customized design, since no two clients are the same. By focusing on each client’s wants and needs, Keri is able to provide the personalized solutions all clients deserve.

As a Georgia based designer, Keri has focused her talents on but not limited them to the greater Atlanta area. Keri is a graduate of Auburn University’s Interior Design program and has been practicing in the industry since 2008. In search of inspiration and design ideas, she has studied throughout several parts of Europe with a special focus on Italian culture. When her clients’ design dreams are fulfilled, Keri enjoys all of life’s little adventures with her husband Bill and their English Cocker Spaniel, Parker. In her spare time, Keri enjoys hiking and playing tennis.

About K. Serda

To remain active in the design community, Keri enjoys attending a variety of design events such as tours of homes, designer showhouses and design weeks at Highpoint and Americas Mart.  Since she is such a fan of the outdoors, much of her design inspiration is a reflection of nature’s beauty. "Whether it’s a color palette from a sunset, rainy day, or spring flowers, I love to draw inspiration from nature."

Keri tries to get involved at the beginning stages of each design project, if possible. She works closely with the architects and builders to ensure that her clients’ lifestyles are reflected throughout their home. Communication is key. Keri discusses in detail with her clients not only their design wants and needs, but also how they live and work in their home or office. All aspects of design are considered; from scale and proportion of the space and its furnishings to the textures and colors, down to the smallest details. Removing the stress from clients’ lives is her most important task in every project. Having a client tell her “it looks great” is what she expects. Having a client tell her “it looks great and the entire process was smooth and effortless” is what she strives for.

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