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Design Selections : New Construction & Remodel

There is an immense amount of decisions to be made when building or remodeling. As this intimidates and stresses most people out, this is one of my favorite types of design projects. Whether it is building a home from the ground up or reworking one’s existing home to be like new, I love seeing these projects unfold from start to finish.

Kitchen and bath design

Redesigning a kitchen and/or master bath can make a HUGE difference in the overall look and feel of your home. The kitchen has become the heart of the home and a room more about entertaining and spending time with friends and family than a working room intended solely for cooking as in past times. As a homeowner, you spend time in your master bath every day, so why not let it be a retreat you look forward to spending time in every day?

Whether you are renting a space for your office, building a space or just need an update to your existing space, I can help take your vision to reality. A well-designed office is going to give clients more confidence in your ability as a professional. If an office is poorly designed and looks “uncared for”, the natural perception of clients is “if they care this little about their space, they must not care much about the work they’re providing.”

commercial projects

clubhouse interiors

Whether an apartment/condo community or a country club, an up-to-date clubhouse is important. Clients like to know that they are a part of something luxurious and grand. This building is often the first impression anyone sees about either type of property, so it is important that it not just make a statement, but the right kind of statement.

model homes

In both single and multi-family residences, having model spaces to show prospective buyers or renters can help them feel more confident and comfortable about living in that area. Model homes also give a real-life perspective on what can be done in certain spaces. When clients may think a floor plan is too small, showing them a model can help them see that their furniture can fit in these spaces and that the place can easily feel like home.

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